Insurance fraud bureau of massachusetts

How do I report insurance fraud in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts customers can call the Insurance Fraud Bureau of Massachusetts , 800-323-7283.

How long is jail for insurance fraud?

five years

What type of crime is insurance fraud?

Insurance fraud is a “specific” intent crime . This means a prosecutor must prove that the person involved knowingly committed an act to defraud. An act is completed. Simply making a misrepresentation (written or oral) to an insurer with knowledge that is untrue is sufficient.

What does an insurance fraud investigator do?

Insurance fraud investigators combat fraudulent activities by investigating the circumstances of certain suspicious claims, activities related to new customers, buying insurance products and premium calculations.

How do I report tax fraud in Massachusetts?

How Can I Report Suspected Tax Fraud Activity? You may contact either the IRS or the Massachusetts Department of Revenue (see below). To report tax fraud to the IRS , call the Tax Fraud Hotline recording at 1-800-829-0433 or file a written report using Form 3949-A and sending it directly to the IRS .

Is lying to insurance a crime?

A final note: fraud of all types (including auto insurance fraud) has legal consequences in the U.S. If you’re caught in a fraudulent lie , you’ll not only be on the hook for any costs your insurer would have otherwise covered, you may be facing hefty fines, community service, probation, or even jail time.

Is insurance fraud a white collar crime?

Insurance fraud is a broad category of white collar crime that may include healthcare fraud , driver’s insurance fraud , or governmental benefit fraud , such as defrauding Medicare, receiving unemployment or welfare you are not entitled to, or accepting other benefits you may not qualify for.

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How do you turn someone in for insurance fraud?

To report suspected insurance fraud , call State Farm® or the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB®) hotline: 800-TEL-NICB / 800-835-6422.

What do you say to an insurance investigator?

What to say (and what to avoid) when the at-fault party’s insurance company contacts you after an accident. Remain Calm and Polite. Identify the Person You Speak With. Give Only Limited Personal Information. Give No Details of the Accident. Give No Details of Your Injuries. Take Notes. Resist the Push to Settle Immediately.

Why do insurance companies investigate claims?

Insurance companies often conduct claims investigations to evaluate the legitimacy of a claim . The investigation process helps the claims adjuster make an educated decision about how to proceed with a claim . Insurance claims investigations are used to combat the prevalence of false or inflated claims .

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