Hard to pronounce massachusetts towns

What is the hardest city to pronounce?

25 Hard to Pronounce Cities in the USA

#1 Aquebogue, New York #2 Boise, Idaho
#3 Boerne, Texas #4 Camarillo, California
#5 Des Moines, Iowa #6 Helena, Montana
#7 Kissimmee, Florida #8 La Jolla, California
#9 Louisville, Kentucky #10 Patchogue, New York

What is the youngest town in Massachusetts?

The town’s with the oldest ages in Massachusetts tended to be in the corners of the state — western Mass., Cape Cod, and the North Shore. The youngest community was Amherst — no surprise, given that it’s the home of UMass. The data is from the US Census’s American Community Survey for 2011, which covers five years.

How do you say Peabody MA?

In most of the world, Peabody is pronounced pee-BODY. But in Massachusetts , it’s PEE-b’dee. In general, towns ending in -ham put the emphasis on the first syllable and pronounce “ham” more like “um”.

What is the hardest name in the world?

Hardest Name in the world 3 ovuvuevuevue enyetuenwuevue ugbemugbem osas.

What is the hardest word in the world to pronounce?

The Most Difficult English Word To Pronounce Colonel . Penguin . Sixth. Isthmus . Anemone . Squirrel . Choir. Worcestershire .

How do you pronounce Tewksbury MA?

Tewksbury , Massachusetts Tooks-berry is the way to go.

How is Worcestershire sauce pronounced?

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, skip pronouncing the first “r” altogether, and the “ce” while you’re at it, and barely say the second “r”. Start the word off by saying “Wooster” and then finish off with the British “shire.” Woostershire.

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How do you pronounce Gloucester MA?

Gloucester (Glaw-ster) ‘Glow-chester’ is not quite the correct pronunciation , but I always hear people from outside of Massachusetts pronounce it this way.

What is the biggest town in MA?

Largest by population: Town of Brookline, 58,732 / City of BOSTON , 617,594. Largest by square miles: Town of Plymouth, 97.57 / City of TAUNTON, 47.29.

What was the first town in Massachusetts?


What is the second biggest town in Massachusetts?


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