Ez pass massachusetts buy

Where can I buy an EZ Pass in MA?

Apply in Person — Visit a local E – ZPass MA Customer Service Center or a participating RMV sign-up location and pick up your transponder the same day.

What stores sell EZ passes?

These include Publix Super Markets, CVS Pharmacy, Walgreens, Amscot Financial, AAA South, Navarro Pharmacies and Sedano’s Supermarkets. SunPass transponders are also available at all Florida Turnpike service plazas, Turnpike gas stations and SunPass Service Centers.

Does EZ Pass work in Massachusetts?

All E-ZPass transponders work in Massachusetts without toll booths on the Mass Turnpike (I-90), Tobin Memorial Bridge, and the Sumner, Callahan and Ted Williams Tunnels.

How long does it take to get an EZ Pass transponder in MA?

It usually takes about a week to receive a transponder once an application is received. However, we’re navigating an unfamiliar situation and working to help avoid or slow the spread of COVID-19.

How much does an EZ Pass cost in Massachusetts?

Open your account with the initial payment: Private Individual Account – $30 per transponder.

Can I get a transponder at AAA?

AAA Members can complete an application in the branch and receive a transponder for their vehicle. Members establish an E-ZPass account with Mass DOT using a credit card with an initial balance of $20.00 per transponder . Transponders can be used throughout Massachusetts and out of state where E-ZPass is accepted.

Does Walmart sell EZ Pass?

The $41 purchase price for an E-ZPass at Walmart includes a $35 toll balance, a $3 annual fee and a one-time convenience charge of $3. or by calling, toll-free, 877-736-6727.

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Where can I buy an EZ Pass transponder near me?

Ohio Turnpike E-ZPass transponders can be found at any of the 14 Ohio Turnpike Service Plazas, at participating Giant Eagle & GetGo locations, Discount Drug Mart, Barney’s Convenience Mart, Mickey Marts, Speedway and select BMV and AAA locations . Click Here for a list of E-ZPass retail locations.

Can I buy an EZ Pass at Giant?

You can buy an E-ZPass On-the-Go kit for $35 at select retail stores. You can go online here to open an E-ZPass account or call 1-877-762-7824. E-ZPass transponders are sold at select branches of the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, AAA stores in the region, as well as some Wegmans and Giant supermarkets.

Can you pay cash for tolls in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts does not accept cash on its toll roads, becoming one of the first states to adopt, completely, an all-electronic tolling system for its turnpikes and bridges.

What is Pay by Plate Ma?

A Pay by Plate MA registered account allows you to pay your tolls through your vehicle’s license plate number. A Pay By Plate MA account is only valid for toll payment on Massachusetts roadways, and does not provide discounts like E-ZPass MA .

How do I mount my EZ Pass in MA?

How to mount E-ZPass on the vehicle? Clean placement area on inside of windshield with isopropyl (rubbing alcohol) and allow to dry. Remove plastic tape from back of Velcro™ mounting strips on tags. Position tag as illustrated below based on your mirror type. Press tags firmly against the windshield glass.

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What happens if you don’t pay a toll in Massachusetts?

If someone does not pay their bill, the state can put a hold on the vehicle owners registration renewal. Drivers will be required to settle their toll bill before renewing. Massachusetts has agreements with Maine and New Hampshire to help enforce toll payments here.

How do I return an Ezpass transponder in MA?

Returning the Equipment In order to keep your E-ZPass from recording transactions while in transit, ship the transponder in its original packing materials or wrap it in aluminum foil.

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