Connecticut river map massachusetts

Where is the Connecticut River on a map?

The Connecticut River is the longest river in the New England region of the United States, flowing roughly southward for 406 miles (653 km) through four states. It rises at the U.S. border with Quebec, Canada, and discharges at Long Island Sound.

How far is the Connecticut River navigable?

is tidal and navigable as far inland as Hartford, CT sixty miles from the Sound. Oil barges with shallow drafts regularly make the trip upstream to Hartford.

What towns are in the Connecticut River Valley?

It is located in the southeastern-central part of the state and includes the seventeen towns of Chester, Clinton, Cromwell, Deep River , Durham, East Haddam, East Hampton, Essex, Haddam, Killingworth, Lyme, Middlefield, Middletown, Old Lyme, Old Saybrook, Portland and Westbrook.

Where does the Connecticut River begin?

Озеро Форт Коннектикут

Is the CT River safe to swim in?

Unfortunately, the river is not always clean enough for swimming and/or boating due to elevated E. coli bacteria levels associated with stormwater runoff and combined sewer overflows (CSOs).

What is the deepest part of the Connecticut River?

40 m

Does the Connecticut River freeze?

For 200 miles, the Connecticut River forms the boundary between the states of Vermont and New Hampshire. In the winter, when the weather cooperates, the Connecticut River freezes into a broad highway that entices you to explore as far as your physical ability and the abbreviated daylight hours will allow.

Does the Connecticut River flood?

Flooding is a reality in the Connecticut River basin.

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How many bodies have been found in the Connecticut River?

three bodies

What is the valley in Connecticut?

The Valley is a community of Connecticut towns located in New Haven and Fairfield Counties. It lies along the Housatonic and Naugatuck Rivers and is connected to city centers along I-95 between New York and New Haven, as well as along Route 8 to Waterbury.

Where is the Connecticut Valley?

CT River Valley is in the New England states of Connecticut , Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont, in the US. It features the Knowledge Corridor region surrounding the Connecticut River’s two largest cities, Springfield (Massachusetts) and Hartford.

Does Connecticut grow tobacco?

Connecticut shade tobacco is a tobacco grown under shade in the Connecticut River valley of the U.S. states of Connecticut , Massachusetts, and southernmost Vermont, and is used primarily for binder and wrapper for premium cigars.

What lives in the Connecticut River?

The Connecticut River watershed encompasses 11,260 square miles, connecting 148 tributaries, including 38 major rivers and numerous lakes and ponds. It is home to many wildlife species, including bear, moose, bobcat , wild turkey, bald eagle , trout, shad, and 10 federally threatened or endangered species.

Which direction do most Virginia rivers flow?

The rivers will always flow downhill, of course. East of the Blue Ridge in Virginia, downhill always will be towards the southeast and the Atlantic Ocean. West of the Blue Ridge, and south of Roanoke, some Virginia rivers flow west to the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico.

How many dams are in CT?

4,000 dams

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