Cna salary in massachusetts per hour

How much does a cna make an hour working in a hospital?

As of Nov 19, 2020, the average hourly pay for a Hospital CNA in the United States is $17.61 an hour . While ZipRecruiter is seeing hourly wages as high as $32.45 and as low as $8.65, the majority of Hospital CNA wages currently range between $13.22 (25th percentile) to $18.03 (75th percentile) across the United States.

What is the highest paying state for CNA?

Overall, the BLS data shows that nursing assistants make a mean annual wage of about $28,540. California, Florida, and New York employ the most CNAs, while states like Alaska , New York , and Nevada offer the highest salaries. 5 дней назад

What pays more CNA or ma?

MAs get paid more than CNAs and CPTs and are in higher demand. The median pay of a medical assistant in 2017 was higher at $15.61 per hour. The average training duration for medical assistants is 1 to 2 years and the training may be part of an Associate’s degree program. As you can see, CNAs, PCTs, and MAs vary greatly

Can you live off a CNA salary?

It depends on where you live , the cost of living , and the pay rate for the industry. CNAs here make anywhere from 8.50-13.00 per hour. With rents as low as 400, if you don’t mind a neighborhood that interesting,and low cost utilities and food, you could do it if you got a job which had a salary near the higher range.

Do hospitals pay CNAs more than nursing homes?

One of the reasons that hospital CNA jobs are so highly sought after is because they tend to pay better than nursing home jobs. According to, the average CNA (who works in a hospital or similar setting) earns $31,487 per year. On the other hand, the average nursing home CNA earns $26,354 per year.

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What’s the most a CNA can make an hour?

How Much Do CNA’ Jobs Pay per Hour?

Annual Salary Hourly Wage
Top Earners $37,000 $18
75th Percentile $32,500 $16
Average $29,221 $14
25th Percentile $24,500 $12

Which CNA jobs pay more?

CNAs who work in hospitals have the highest average pay , at $14.73 hourly. Specialized CNAs in this setting can earn substantially more . The highest- paid specialties for CNAs include the ICU, Operating Room, Telemetry, Emergency Room, and Medicine and Surgery.

Is CNA a good career?

CNAs do not require a post-secondary degree and they are some of the highest paid in that category of people, and their salary is set to grow significantly. Here are some of the reasons why being a CNA makes such a great career choice.

Is being a CNA stressful?

Con: Stressful Because CNAs are responsible for the daily care of patients and residents, some of whom can be extremely ill, confused or frail, working as a certified nursing assistant can be very stressful .

What color scrubs do CNAs wear?

Nursing support staff, such as CNAs and EKG techs, will wear royal blue . Operating room staff will all wear peakcock-colored scrubs. The radiology staff will wear Caribbean blue-colored scrubs. Members of the respiratory therapy staff will wear black scrubs.

How long does it take to become a CNA in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts State Requirements for CNAs With the CNA training program, candidates must complete 100 hours of minimum CNA training . Within this, candidates must complete 75 hours of classroom training and 25 hours of clinical/externship training .

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What is the next level after medical assistant?

Medical assistants can advance to a career in nursing by completing an associate or bachelor’s degree in nursing. Often, medical assistants can earn credit for previous coursework and professional healthcare experience, accelerating their transition to a new career.

Why is there a shortage of CNAs?

Staffing shortages have resulted in some CNAs working more than one shift in a day and more than 40 hours in a week. Low pay, lack of advancement opportunities, and difficult work contribute to the high turnover rates among CNAs .

How do I make more money as a CNA?

It is possible to earn more than the average CNA if you are willing to make some changes. Upgrading Your Skills. You could earn more by upgrading your skills. Relocating to Other Cities. In most states, the cost of living determines hourly wages and salary. Selecting Industries with Higher Pay. Working Later Shifts.

How much do travel CNAs make?

On average, a travelling CNA will make $25,000-30,000 per year. This is about $13-$15 per hour for a 40 hour workweek. Many nursing assistants who are not travelling CNAs start out making $10 or $11 per hour. Some nursing assistants will make even more money working for a travelling agency.

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