Cape cod massachusetts things to do

What should you not miss on Cape Cod?

Best Things To Do in Cape Cod #1. Cape Cod Rail Trail. free. #2. Wellfleet Drive-In. #2 in Cape Cod. #3. Cape Cod National Seashore . #3 in Cape Cod. #4. Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge. free. #5. Heritage Museums & Gardens. #5 in Cape Cod. #6. Sandwich Glass Museum. #6 in Cape Cod. #7. Pilgrim Monument. #7 in Cape Cod. #8. Edward Gorey House. #8 in Cape Cod.

What can you do on Cape Cod for a day?

There are picnic spots, restrooms, businesses, beaches, bridges, interpretive signs, and overlooks along the way, and it’s the only bike path on Cape Cod that runs along the seashore. Bike the Shining Sea Woods Hole. Surf Drive Beach. Falmouth Village. Marshlands and bird sanctuaries. Cranberry bogs—forever.

What should I do on a day trip to Cape Cod?

5 Must -Dos on Your Cape Cod Day Trip Heritage Museums and Gardens. The Heritage Museums and Gardens in Sandwich, MA, are very popular attractions on the Cape . Plymouth Plantation. Cape Cod Winery. Shining Sea Bikeway. The Cape Cod National Seashore.

Which side of Cape Cod is better?

If you plan on taking several day trips to Martha’s Vineyard or even visit Newport, Rhode Island then staying in Falmouth or Woods Hole right at the southwestern tip of Cape Cod is best . Falmouth is one of the best walking towns on Cape Cod with a long Main Street and lots of great shops and restaurants.

What is the nicest town in Cape Cod?


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What food is Cape Cod famous for?

Cape Cod has long been known for its local seafood , and you won’t find a restaurant anywhere in the region without seafood on the menu. Fried fish, especially fried clams , are considered the ultimate Cape Cod meal. Another favorite is lobster, broiled with butter sauce.

Where do celebrities stay in Cape Cod?

On Cape Cod , celebrities don’t stay at your local motel/ hotel but instead stay in private houses overlooking the ocean, especially on Martha’s Vineyard. Michael J. Fox even named his daughter “Aquinnah” after the village on Martha’s Vineyard.

Is Cape Cod expensive to live?

Cape Cod is one of those fun-filled locations that most people only see while on vacation. A common misconception people have is that Cape Cod is too expensive to move to. But living in the Cape can be affordable as long as you avoid prime areas—it’s a location that can cater to every lifestyle.

Is there a boardwalk in Cape Cod?

Your visit isn’t complete without exploring the Cape Cod National Seashore! It’s home to a beautiful shoreline and several walking trails that are open year-round. One of the trails, the Red Maple Swamp Trail, features boardwalk portions that wind through a serene forest area.

How many days do you need in Cape Cod?

At bare minimum, I ‘d recommend one full day per town you plan to visit on Cape Cod , plus one full day for Nantucket. That would be at least 5 full days – one each for Falmouth, Chatham, Provincetown, Nantucket, and Hyannis/Hyannisport (locations of the JFK Museum and the Kennedy Compound).

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What should I do on a day trip to Martha’s Vineyard?

Ferry Ride: Woods Hole to Oaks Bluff. Walk around Oaks Bluff. Oaks Bluff to Edgartown (Bike Path – 6 miles) Walk around Edgartown . Lunch (to-go) Among The Flowers Cafe and Wine (to-go) Wharf Wine and Spirits across the street. Edgartown Lighthouse and Fuller Street Beach Picnic.

Why is Cape Cod famous?

With its beautiful sandy beaches and laid-back atmosphere, Cape Cod is a popular summer vacation destination for nearby Boston and New York. Come in June to see the Cape decorated in pink roses, or in the spring to find roadsides—especially on Nantucket—splashed with daffodils.

What is the richest town in Cape Cod?

Top Five Towns for Investors on the Cape and Islands Martha’s Vineyard . With approximately 15,000 permanent residents and nearly 100,000 summer residents, the Vineyard is one of the most affluent on the East Coast. Chatham . Located in Cape Cod, the town of Chatham is a living dream. Nantucket . Sandwich . Barnstable .

Why are there sharks in Cape Cod?

Their resurgence near Massachusetts is mainly due to the growing number of seals, the sharks ‘ favorite food. Some 25,000 seals now call Cape Cod home, and because seals are also federally protected, their population cannot be legally culled.

Is Cape Cod or Nantucket better?

Cape Cod is much bigger than Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket , so if you aren’t drawn to the idea of staying on a small island, Cape Cod may be your best bet. No two towns are the same! Because Cape Cod is much more accessible, it tends to get the most crowded.

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