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What is the cheapest rental truck company?

Budget Truck Rental has the best overall prices and really shines for local moves. Penske Truck Rental has the cheapest rates for one-way moves. And U-Haul is your go-to company for low insurance costs.

Is Budget Truck Rental cheaper than uhaul?

U-Haul’s average cost of $1.77 per mile is about 15% less expensive than Budget’s average cost of $2.04 per mile. Our recommended choice (just barely) is U-Haul . Budget vs. U-Haul services.

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Does Budget Truck Rental require a deposit?

When you arrive at the location to pick up your truck , you must provide a refundable deposit . Budget requires a refundable deposit for all one-way rentals and local rentals . The deposit varies by length of rental and area of country. The location will charge the deposit to your credit card at the time of pick up.

How much is deposit for Budget Truck Rental?

Here’s the full breakdown of the cost factors to rent a truck from Budget : Deposit . There’s a $150 deposit for local moves.

What is the cheapest day to rent a moving truck?

The best time to rent a moving truck is on a Tuesday in the middle of the month during the winter.

Does Budget truck rental charge per mile?

If you do not purchase additional days and/or miles in advance, they are added to your rental upon return of the equipment at a rate of $100.00 per day and $1.00 per mile. Mileage charges for local moves vary depending on your rental location.

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Is there a cheaper alternative to uhaul?

1. Hire a Professional Mover. Professional movers might sound expensive, but in reality, they typically charge less than the cost of U-Haul rentals for their services. The main reason for this affordability is simple: professional movers drive all across the country transporting items.

Why is Penske so much cheaper than uhaul?

Pricing. Penske’s prices are roughly on par with U-Haul and more expensive than Budget when it comes to long-distance moves. We do like that Penske includes unlimited miles for one-way moves, though, so you don’t have to worry about extra mileage charges. We also like that Penske’s up-front with its pricing.

Does Budget Truck Rental offer AAA discount?

The truck rental company is AAA’s exclusive truck rental partner. Members can save up to 20 percent on truck rentals with free unlimited miles on one-way rentals . AAA members also receive 12 percent off the daily rate for both one-way and local truck rentals , as well as special discounts on moving supplies.

Does Budget Truck Rental check your license?

Budget will also require a valid U.S. issued Driver’s License from all drivers of rental equipment. Budget Truck will attached the towing equipment to the rental truck at the time of pick up, but cannot drive the tow vehicle onto the towing equipment. This will be the customer’s responsibility.

Does Budget rental accept debit cards?

Yes, you can rent a car with a debit card if you are at least 25 years old and are prepared to have an authorized hold placed on your account for the duration of your reservation. Be aware that some locations don’t accept debit cards at the time of reservation but do accept them at the time of payment.

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What do you need to rent a Budget truck?

All renters must provide a valid drivers licence and credit card (or debit card) with the renter’s name. Note prepaid cards are not acceptable at pick up.

How much does it cost to rent a lift gate truck?

How much does Enterprise cost ? In general, moving truck rental prices include a daily rate to rent a truck plus a small fee for every mile you drive. Depending on the Enterprise location, we’ve seen truck rental rates vary anywhere from $89 to $475 per day and price-per-mile range from $0.20 to $0.69. 3 дня назад

How much does it cost to rent a Uhaul truck for a day?

This makes it a convenient option for a local move or local delivery. Truck rates start as low as $19.95 and if you need extended miles or days, we offer a best rate guarantee and special truck rental rates on our Cargo Vans and Pickup Trucks.

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