Bjs locations in massachusetts

How many locations does BJ Wholesale Club have?


What states have a BJ’s Wholesale?

BJ’s operates in the following states : Connecticut. Delaware. Florida. Georgia. Maine. Maryland. Massachusetts. New Hampshire.

Are BJ’s stores closing?

Don’t worry too much so far BJ’s Wholesale club is only closing two locations. One in Geneva, NY and one in Charlotte, NC. According to the company closures are based on reviews of club performace in addition to real estate and market evaluation.

Is BJ’s Wholesale owned by Walmart?

BJ’s Wholesale Club, which has 215 warehouses spanning 16 states, closely competes with Costco and Sam’s Club, a unit of Walmart . The company was taken private by equity firms Leonard Green & Partners LP and CVC Capital in 2011 for $2.8 billion.

What does BJ’s stand for?

Beverly Jean Weich

Is Costco better than BJ’s?

In Consumer Reports’ 2018 Supermarkets survey of over 75,000 people, the publication rates Costco slightly higher than BJ’s in general when comparing the stores on a variety of factors including cleanliness, competitiveness of prices, quality and the selection of healthy options.

Does BJ’s stand for Berkley Jensen?

BJ’s Wholesale Club was founded in 1984 in Massachusetts, the state where its flagship store still resides. It may be tempting to assume that BJ’s would simply stand for its brand Berkley Jensen , but it turns out that the name goes quite a ways back, right to those founding days in the ’80s.

Does BJ’s sell Kirkland products?

Kirkland brand products BJ’s equivalent exclusive brands — Wellsley Farms and Berkley Jensen — are generally of decent quality for many offered items .

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Where does BJ’s get their gas?

Depending on the trade area, BJ’S buys unbranded gasoline from many different suppliers, be they national brand refiners or smaller independent refiner/suppliers.

How much is membership at BJ’s?

BJ’s Members enjoy wholesale club prices . Join today for just $50* — it’s risk-free with BJ’s 100% money-back guarantee. FREE Household Card — BJ’s Members receive a second card for a household member at no extra charge. You can also add up to three (3) Supplemental Memberships for just $30* each.

How many BJ’s members are there?

5.5 million members

How much is it to renew a BJ’s membership?

BJ’s Wholesale Club is offering a 3-month membership for $10 or a 12-month membership for $25 with auto renewal . Normally, a one-year Inner Circle membership costs $50.

What is cheaper to buy at BJ’s?

Toilet paper, paper towels and tissues are also cheaper at BJ’s , Boland says. “ BJ’s has their own brand and I love the quality,” she says. In 2017, the store’s Berkley Jensen Ultra Soft toilet paper won top marks in a Good Housekeeping test.

Can you buy at BJ’s without membership?

You do not need a membership to just walk into BJ’s to shop . You can go through the entire store find what you like and see if it is even worth the membership .

Is BJ’s worth the membership?

Plus our store has the best employees. Shopping at a warehouse club is known to save you money, but if you’re shopping at Sam’s club or Costco, it’s probably not worth the cost. That leaves just one out of the three, BJ’s Wholesale club. A regular membership to BJ’s Wholesale Club is $55 for a year.

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