2 year colleges in massachusetts

Is it better to go to a 2 year college or a 4 year college?

It costs a lot less to attend a 2 – year college . If you decide to attend a 4 – year university instead, your costs could end up being 10 times higher than that. Even if you compare the median costs alone, going to a 2 – year college is going to cost nearly one-third less than what you’ll pay at a four – year university .

What are two pros to a 2 year college?

Here are some other benefits . Lower Tuition & Fees. No matter which college you attend or which major you choose, your first two years will mainly consist of the same set of classes. Opportunity to Improve Your Transcript. Lower Living Costs. Greater Flexibility. Easier to Work. More Support. High-Quality Professors.

Is community college free in Massachusetts?

Since launching its tuition- free community college program, 50 Boston students have participated by attending community colleges , and 94 percent are on track to finish the first year.

Is going to a community college for 2 years?

Community colleges are two – year public institutions that offer associate degrees and certificates. Some programs are designed to be self-contained in those two years , but most students transfer to a four- year school to get their bachelor’s degree after.

Does your GPA start over when you transfer?

When you transfer the GPA from your original institution is not carried over to the new one. Courses that you ‘ve completed generally transfer if you have a C or higher in the course, and it’s consistent with courses offered at your new school. You begin your GPA with the courses you ‘ll complete there.

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Does going to a community college look bad?

Going to community college is not bad . In fact, there can be great benefits to attending a community college . One of the biggest advantages is saving money. The cost of community college is significantly less than most universities.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of 2 year schools?

The Pros and Cons of Pursuing a 2 – year College Degree Few degree options. Less prestige. Higher degree. Transferring credits can be very difficult. Different atmosphere. Less access to research. Fewer campus resources. Too much “home” and less campus life.

What are the benefits of attending a 2 year college?

Here are 10 reasons to attend community college: Affordability. Academic flexibility . Financial aid options. School-life balance. STEM education and opportunities. Transfer agreements. Elements of traditional college. Personalized attention.

Why is going to a community college first better?

Community colleges are known for their flexible schedules. At a community college , the smaller financial risk gives you more freedom to explore and change your mind. Plus, community colleges often have smaller classes. This means you get more attention from instructors — and better opportunities for mentorship.

What is the cheapest university in Massachusetts?

Cheapest Colleges in Massachusetts by In State Tuition

In State Tuition College $Value
$910 In State Tuition 1) Bridgewater State University Bridgewater, Public Not For Profit 59
$910 In State Tuition 2) Salem State University Salem, Public Not For Profit 63

What is the best State College in Massachusetts?

Here are the best colleges in Massachusetts Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Tufts University. Boston College . Boston University. Brandeis University. Northeastern University. University of Massachusetts –Amherst. Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

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Is a parent legally obligated to pay for college?

Parents do not have a legal duty to pay for their child’s college —with one exception. When it comes to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), the Department of Education assumes that a dependent student will have the financial support of his or her parents .

What are the disadvantages of a community college?

Limited degree options. Typically, community colleges only offer two-year, or Associate Degrees. Unmotivated students. No traditional ” college experience”. Not all classes are transferable. Classes don’t prepare you for a four-year college .

What degree do you get from a two year college?

What Is an Associate Degree ? An associate is a two-year college degree offered at most community colleges, technical colleges, vocational schools, and some four-year universities. An associate degree is often a more affordable option than a bachelor’s degree , as it takes less time to complete.

Is it embarrassing to go to a community college?

Nothing wrong with attending community college . Nothing to be ashamed . It’s a great starter, stepping stone if you are still young, and money is tight. However, it depends what classes you take in CC and what classes you had in high school.

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